Thursday, 18 March 2010

They say "Never work with children or animals"

We never listen. A week apart from the shoot for GDF that involved 4 children (one in a bathtub no less), we shot a campaign for Jardiland with Publicis Dialog Paris which included a shot with 2 snowy owls and another with 2 white rabbits.

For the shot with the owls, we had two Norwegian snowy owls brought into the studio. These owls are huge. Well, a lot bigger than I had expected. And not surprisingly, do not have a particular fondness to bright lights. We were not keen to find out how they respond to camera flash. But before the animal rights activists and PETA are on my case, I hasten to add that monsieur Georges Poirier Animal Handler Extraordinaire and his assistants treated the owls beautifully and respectfully. The owls behaved so well in front of the camera that we managed to get the shots relatively quickly; sparing the owls from too much stress.

We got to work with a great crew and even learnt that there are 2 words for owl in French; hibou and chouette. The difference? Well, after much discussion Amandine the stylist explained that un hibou is an owl without ears and une chouette are the ones with tufty ears. Hah!

The owl shot is just one image from a campaign of 5 images. I would love to post the finished ads but will have to wait until after they have run.

A couple of outtakes from the owl shoot:

and a few behind the scenes snaps:

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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

What's not to like...

about shooting in Paris? Whenever lovely Anne Marie lets us know that we are off to Paris for another shoot, I receive the news with glee.

There's obviously the beautiful city itself even though we don't get to see much of it apart from what we can see from inside the cabs. Then there are also those buttery croissants and the proper espressos you get when you arrive at the studios.

You even get to put sugar with a strangely apt name in your coffee.

Then there are the long leisurely lunches of starters, mains and desserts all scoffed with healthy amount of red wine. Even better when the location allows us to take the said lunch on a lovely terrace.

with a view of the Seine like this...

And staying in a hotel that conveniently sells masks to add to your existing mask collection.

Oh... of course I enjoy the actual shoots too! It's not all play.
No, really.

Here are the results of our labour. The campaign Jason shot for GDF Suez with Saatchi & Saatchi Paris.

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