Thursday, 31 March 2011

The Snowstorm, The Food, The Karaoke and The Photoshoot

Here's a campaign Jason shot in New York for Levolor which is out now. The ad agency was Carmichael Lynch, the creative director was Jeff Terwilliger and the executive art producer was Sandy Boss Febbo.

Whilst in town, we also had the pleasure of joining the lovely staff from Stockland Martel at their Christmas dinner.

Jason and Bill Stockland at the dinner.

Across the table from them on the right are Kristina Feliciano, a writer at Stockland Martel who also runs the Stockland Martel Blog and Simon Horobin, who represents the stylists at Stockland Martel.

Maureen Martel and I

The shoot went swimmingly and everything was going great until our flight got cancelled due to a snowstorm in the UK bringing Heathrow to a grinding halt. We ended up getting stuck in New York for 4 extra days. Still, there are much worse places to be stuck in.

And we had a laugh at the heavy metal karaoke night at Arlene's Grocery
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