Wednesday, 30 May 2012 Launch Campaign

Scholz & Friends Warsaw commissioned Jason to shoot the launch campaign of, a personalised mobile business application by Onet, the largest Polish web portal.

The concept behind the campaign is to show the application users in non-business environments (of which one is less conventional!), and yet finding easy access to useful business information in these situations. 

Here's the finished campaign that's just been launched.

Client:, Onet
Agency: Scholz & Friends Warsaw
Creative Director: Jozek Dutkiewicz
Art director/Copy writer: Jakub Turczynski, Wiktor Bruchal
Production: Photoby

Here are some behind the scene snaps of the shoot. 


Photoby's Tomek Pasiek looking more like the photographer than the photographer himself...

The temptation was hard to resist... think we all had a go at one point.
Here's Sebastien the photo assistant doing his thing.

After the wrap... with the creatives, Wiktor and Kuba

 Think we've had one bottle too many by this point.

And here's a little treat... with our gorgeous model. 
But only if you're not easily offended... 


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