Friday, 8 June 2012

Run while you can!

UEFA Euro 2012 kicks off today! This year the championship is co-hosted by Poland and Ukraine.

LOT, Poland's national airline, has launched a campaign to coincide with the football championship, promoting their flights to countries that are in the "football free zone". DDB Warsaw commissioned Jason to shoot the image.

Agency: DDB Warsaw
Creative director: Zuzanna Duchniewska
Art director: Magdalena Drozdowska
Copywriter: Mateusz Ksiazek

Naturally, the England supporters are the worst behaved, followed by the puking Swedes. A few comments were made about one of the English hooligans bearing a passing resemblance to Jason. I'm not saying which one...

Creating smoke for the flares, the proper way.

Why we love shooting in Warsaw so much... apart from the creative projects that we get to work on of course!  
We said it before and we say it again, we love these guys!

We can do without the cold though...
It's summer now, any chance for another shoot in Warsaw?

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